A. Ottavino Corporation offers a complete range of services in the stone industry from stone fabrication and CONSTRUCTION services, to CONSERVATION services and MEMORIAL services. Our scope of work will be able to handle any stone job.
Stone Fabrication and Construction Services
Stone Fabrication and Construction Services
A. Ottavino Corp. provides a complete range of building stone construction services including stone fabrication, installation and restoration.  We supply and install domestic and imported granite, marble, limestone, bluestone, slate and mosaic tile.

Our stone fabrication services include:
-Custom in house stone carving
-Stone cutting, polishing and flaming
-Wire Sawing of blocks and slabs
-Lettering and Signage
-Retooling and refinishing

Our stone installation services include:
-Exterior facade cladding
-Exterior paving and site work
-Interior flooring and wall panels
-Shop drawings
-Engineering for stone anchors

Our stone restoration services include
-Exterior & interior building restoration
-        Erection of architectural precast panels
-Exterior & interior stone replacement and resetting
-Cleaning and repointing
-Terra Cotta replacement

A. Ottavino Corporation, established in 1913, has a broad range of experience in historic preservation, including the restoration of buildings, and the conservation of architectural, decorative, and fine art objects.  Our projects range in size and type from the conservation of park fountains, sculpture, and memorials to the preservation of monumental civic, religious and institutional structures.

Our conservation approach is specific to each object's condition whether artistically unique or part of the evolution of an established form. We are also responsive to the problems posed by a variety of geographic and varying climatic environments.  Our approach to historic preservation entails designing conservation solutions that can be integrated into the existing fabric and which are linked to the materials, building tradition sand history of each structure.

Preservation and Conservation Services:
- Building Restoration and Conservation
- Fine Art Conservation Design, Specification and   Treatment
- Conditions Surveys and Building Diagnostics
- Materials Sampling, Testing and Analysis
- Measured Drawings
- Documentation
- Coordinate Measuring (3 Dimensional Computerized Recording of Art
         and Architectural Objects) for  Documentation or Replication
- Landmark Agency Consultation and Project Review

In all of our work the emphasis is on retaining the greatest amount of historic fabric while perpetrating the useful life of each structures.

A. Ottavino Memorial Art Studios provides design, fabrication and installation services for public and private monuments and mausoleums throughout the New York Metropolitan area and nationally.  The memorial art services that we provide include:
-New Monuments
-New Mausoleums
-Cleaning and Restoration
-Hand cut & sand carved inscriptions
-Carving and Etching
-Porcelain Photos
-Bronze Markers
-Bronze & Stone Vases and Urns
-Granite Benches
-Flag holder and candle holders
-Solar peace light
-Ottavino Stone Cleaner

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